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where I share things I find interesting

This is my linkblog page, where I share you some interesting links with short description, commentary. There will be archived pages every month, but this will page always show the actual month. Updated once a day, usually the afternoon, evening (Eu).



  • Luke Smith and his cooking site, LOL. Honestly I would just love to fill that site with plant based recipes to trigger some of the meateater follower of his (and Luke himself), heheh.
  • Want to know create and edit org-mode tables, look no further than Mike Zamansky's video.
  • Do you want to use bittorrent from the command line? Try out transmission-cli, the terminal interface for Transmission. No more complex gui for something so simple as bittorrent. Here is the guide!


  • New major Audacity release!
  • A rare and unique looking Casio MTF-304D-2AVDF. I checked everywhere here, and I wish I could get it. A square dress watch, and there is a video.
  • Talking about watches, this is probably the only smartwatch you'll ever need. Seriously! It appeared a legendary movie and TV series, what more do you need?
  • When a mom knows what her child needs! Of course a nice Casio!
  • The Casio A700 is still a watch that is on my wishlist.




  • Found this retro rig photo thread, very nice for people who are interested in old computers, and their usage in the modern world. Looks like the whole site is for retro stuff.
  • Want to see a really dark watch? Check out Jenni Elli's video. Honestly I couldn't make out the time, haha.
  • Do you want to see some cool watches? Here is Casio's thinnest. It needed a little cleanup, and looks really retro, and such a simple design.-


  • Luke vs Web bloat continues… Recipe without ads and bullshit extra megabytes? It can't exist. If you don't know what I am talking about, here is the first video that started it all.
  • If you are fan of retro games and using Linux, this might be interest for you: Gameboy emulation on Linux
  • From Rainbow Plant Life: Homemade latte better than Starbucks, for people who wants there coffee with special ingredients every day.
  • Last Watch on youtube goes over of Lost in History - Merkur Red Army Chinese watch. This is one of my dream watch! It's a really nice design.
  • Just Watch did a review of Vesuviate Attivo Automatic Square a nice looking watch, coming last days of March through Kickstarter.


  • I start with this prank, but honestly, how the hell you can't see that his "mouth" is not moving? Man pranks people with realistic face mask - and other stupid scenes from last month.
  • Do you remember Eminem's "Without me?" It's over one billion views on youtube. Probably not this day, but this year?
  • Found some old game on I don't think it's illegal or anything, since these games are not available anywhere. I found this site, searching for the Riddick game, which is not available on Steam anymore.
  • Are you heard about bitcoin, and you want to know more about this new currency type which strangely was named after the physical money (coin)? has an article about many resources. Since it's not physical money this seems like just another debit card for me. And sorry, that my little country, nearly nobody accepts bitcoin. But this maybe useful for the first world countries, during lockdown.
  • Do you want to be more independent from youtube, as a viewer? Do you like using terminal? Here is ytfzf, which you can use to search and view videos, thumbnail now included!
  • Klei is doing there own version of rogue lite cardgame, with Griftlands. Soon there will be a native Linux version, just like for their other games. Klei rocks, and thanks for supporting Linux!
  • If you want to have a system that focuses on secure browsing, you might want to check out this article, in which Linux Shout compares Whomix and Tails.
  • According to Boiling Steam's article, Steam now has close to 7000 games working on Linux. Of course while Proton is great and everything, Steam is still a DRM-gate (you still need internet connection to install, and Steam needs to run most of the time to play the games), and sometimes games just have the wrong version. Like in the case of Thief series, where they are not with TFix or any other modernification (which just basically means, it runs on your modern computer with widescreen resolutions for example). On GOG however both Thief I-II are available with the optimal fixes, and everything works out of the box. But Steam is the saviour for a lot of people, even though they are largely mislead by the community (like the GamingOnLinux people).
  • For last item today, here are the thoughts of Wandavision finale by Jeremy Jahns (WARNING: SPOILERS!!! do not watch it without seeing the finale). Very good analysis (except one minor part), and I definitely see the connection what he was talk about in the last third of his video, via how we can forgive to fictional characters, but not in real life on social media. Definitely more people should watch it, but people who really need to watch it, either can't connect the dots, or simple ignore it, or just label Jeremy a Nazi… (well this post went dark really quickly just like the finale, hahha)


  • Looks like the Firefox logo is important both for users and Mozilla as well. Maybe we should focus on the browser itself, and that Chrome has an almost monopoly atm. But no, the logo is really important!
  • Want to shitpost on the fediverse? Just check out the instance!
  • Is the Linux boring? It certainly looks like after the last decade. Personally if you are just a little bit curious, try out window managers. Openbox, fluxbox are really good on the traditional floating window managers, while you can always try the tiling window managers, like i3, dwm, awesome, xmonad, etc.
  • Talking about Openbox, Distrotube collected 5 tips for that lovely window manager.
  • If you like terminal based file manager, you might want to check out RNR which just means RNR is Not Ranger. What a good name!
  • An excellent list of plant based food! 35 easy vegan recipes For all kind of occasion.


  • Twitch is officially celebrating womxn month! Of course they deleted that tweet and fixed it to women. Btw, I feel we shouldn't celebrate women or men, or whatever, instead we should help each other. I think this is the best message, or at least close to it. Here is the original blog post.
  • Seriously, this woman could kill me or cure me with her eyes! Copykat_ ASMR is the best ASMR on twitch.


  • MandaloreGaming has a nice review of the original Thief trilogy, which is my favorite game series of all time. Thief: The Dark Project | Thief 2: The Metal Age | Thief Deadly Shadows
  • There is a new Flameshot version. It's currently the most functional screenshot program on Linux, in my opinion.
  • New weekly sale at GOG for the first week of March! With Freedom Force, XCOM series (both original series, and the new one!), Homeworld, Invisible Inc (personal favorite), Age of Wonders series, Battletech and many others. Great strategy games selection, and many hours to spend conquering worlds, or pushing back alien invaders, both from this millenia and the previous one.
  • Let's talk about boob armor! Worth 20 minutes of your time if you are interested in the topic, and not just from the last 2 decades of Hollywood stupidity, but historical stuff too!

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