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where I share things I find interesting

This is my linkblog page, where I share you some interesting links with short description, commentary. There will be archived pages every month, but this will page always show the actual month.

Update: I am doing linkblogs again, irregularly, but here.




  • Do you want to see a good review of the new Aliens game? Here ACG's review of Alien: Fire Team

This comment I can agree with: "Sorry, but this doesn't capture "Aliens" at all. A small group of Aliens is supposed to feel like a real threat, and terrifying. In this game, it is just Alien upon Alien, easily mowed down, with no suspense. The designer of this game completely misses the point about how it should feel when faced with a group of these Aliens."

  • Distrotube talked about if ricing is pointless? I agree with him that through ricing we can learn many stuff. While I haven't modified my dwm setup for a while, at the beginning I had to learn many stuff, like patching. I am not a programmer, I never looked at source codes (although I learnt some basic stuff in school and myself, but nothing serious).
  • Latest part of the Disney money making machine, Spider-Man: No way home trailer, I am sure it will be sad to watch Strange character assassinated… (seriously, he can't tell Peter the exact things he needs to the for the spell?)
  • No matter when you start it, it's always nice to have some Casio!
  • Mauler's review of the Black Widow movie. If you are new to his videos: he is going in depth with everything: directing, writing, characters, everything! You can learn a lot actually by watching him, and you don't have to do it in one sitting.


  • I looked at civvie's twitter, and he recommended a cute old school fps,

Extraneüm. I am serious, it's very cute, and very Wolfenstein 3D-like. While it made in Unity, you can play it on Linux well (sorry, I usually don't have good experiences with Unity-based games on Linux).

  • The Slightly Offensive podcast had Sydney Watson as guest. They talked about Afghanistan, and of course the situation with the Australian tyranny (New Zealand is also lost). Watch it here now!
  • Church of Woke by Ryan Long.
  • Project Warlock II demo on GOG. Fantastic looking retro shooter, if you played the first game, I think this will be a better one.
  • New Tomb Raider releases on GOG, and there is a big sale too, up to 89%.


youtube videos, he is really funny.

  • Distrotube goes through the new Debian release, Debian 11. I personally don't recommend it, since it's based on systemd. However there are brave developers who are dare to go off the path, and created the distro, Devuan which is based on Debian and does not use systemd.
  • John Higgins scored his 12th maximum! That's one mad veteran their. It happened in the very first frame of the his British Open match. The tournament has a weird format, first to 3, and they have a draw after each round so nobody knows their opponent before that. With this maximum, Higgins is ahead of Stephen Hendry, and trailing Ronnie O'Sullivan by 3.
  • Another nice Doom mod is happening, and this one name is awesome as well, called The Age of Hell (trailer), the demo came out not long ago, check a look! Unfortunately the devs say, it will come out late next year at the earliest.
  • I know I mentioned it on the home page, but QuakeCon sale is still going on at GOG. Lots of old games to buy and discover, like Hexen, Heretic or Return to Castle Wolfenstein. There are some newer ones you might like, but honestly neither Dishonored or Wolfenstein: The New Order could hold my attention.

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