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Ion Fury Corner

Honestly as of the end of August 2019, Ion Fury is my game of the year. Although I don't play too many computer games, but this one I really like. Despite that it uses the 20+ year old build engine (well upgraded version, but the basics are their), it has a good atmosphere and it's a very well made nostalgia trip.

I like the gunplay, sounds and voices, and I love the music too! The level design is excellent. So I made this page for it, in case some new stuff will come out.

Playing Ion Fury with Eduke32

While the game uses Eduke32 upgraded build engine, we can load the game via Eduke32 on Linux for example. We only need to copy these files to the eduke32 directory (which is probably ~/.config/eduke32):

  • fury.grp
  • fury.def
  • fury.grpinfo

Then start eduke32 and select fury.grp.

Cheat codes

Cheats are rare these days, but not in Ion Fury. Just type them during gameplay, NOT case sensitive!

IMAAFK Give Everything (Weapons, Ammo, Keys)


IMLONELY Solve Loneliness (pretty funny, try it!)

IMFREE Toggle Clipping

IMLIFTED Toggle Flying

IMGOD Toggle God Mode (type it again, to turn it off)

IMLOST Toggle Show All Map

IMD4N Unlocks all weapons and provide unlimited ammo along with invincibility

Level editor

The Ion Fury level editor can be download here (source: forum)

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