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weightloss first week

2020 July 13th

/Note: I am not a doctor or health expert. If you have trouble with your weight, please consult with your doctor! This is only my experience, but I like to share it and document it./

Recently I gained weight during this "awesome" time of pandemic. I also have this tendency to not sleep regularly. For like a few decades. :)

For me it, it's not about numbers, but how I feel. I also check my dresses, how they fit, which is a much better indicator, since you can see if you lose weight from the necessery parts of your body. Also I don't take photos. I am insecure like that, OK?

Not that I need a lot of weight to lose. Last Monday I was 69.3 kg. My optimal would be around 60, but currently I would settle for 64 kg. Ten years ago when I got cancer I was 83 kg! Yoyoing the last few years - up until 2017 - due to some emotional times.

However today my weight was only 67.2 kg, and I am very happy with the results. I feel better. I also know that the second week will be crucial since the past 6 months I was around 67, and no matter what I did couldn't lose any - except the first month of the pandemic.

This is what I did in the first week of weightloss

For the past decade or so, I had trouble to go to bed in time. At one time I could only sleep from 4 am. Yes, I was an insomniac. My usual time to go to bed was between midnight and 2 am. I want to end it. I also wanted to get up early, so I could write about my weightloss experience and other shit, before I start the day.

One thing that helped me, that I can't really stay up late without some serious consequences the next day, namely I become so tired that I need 2-3 days to get back to normal. So to avoid this crappy feeling, I remind myself to it regularly, and go to bed before 10 pm, usually around 9.30. Sometimes I use ASMR stuff, sometimes I don't. I like to go to sleep listening people's talking, but only if I already heard it, otherwiser I pay attention too much.

I successfully did this for a week now. It's amazing.

When and what do I eat?

In the past I didn't have a regular eating schedule apart from lunch. Sometimes I didn't have breakfast, sometimes I didn't eat dinner. It was a mess. I don't think that my stomach knew what I was doing. But it's over now.

I prepare my breakfast the day before. Currently it's a banana oatmeal bread with other fruits. In a container I mix oatmeal, crushed banana, plantbased milk, brown sugar, and chia/flex seeds, and put it in the fridge overnight.

I start my day, drinking water with lemon juice and then eat breakfast.

Lunch is the main and my last meal of the day, around noon. I batch cook usually, so I only need to re-heat it. I ate lots of potatoes with veggies this week. Red lentils, beans, are my favorites currently. I mainly eat carbs, since that's what moves are body and the fuel of our brain. I minimize fats, and I don't cook with oil. I usually take a nap after lunch.

After this, I only drink water - which you should anyway - for the rest of the day, except I love chickpeas. I eat a full can, just open it up, rinse it with lots of water, put it in a bowl and that's it. I allow snacking, I am not strickly intermittent fasting. It's also corn season, we like to boil it and eat it. Or I eat watermelon, which is filling and you don't need to chug down a liter of water, because melons are full of it.

Final component is moving. I don't like static exercises like lifting weights - although I have a nice set in my room - or doing stationary bike. The weather is nice, and there is no reason not to go out for a long, brisk walk under the sun. If the weather is crappy I do something inside. Exercise is not just good for the body, but your mental health too. I recognized I can be in a crappy (downright depressing) mood if I didn't have some exercise that day. I have some rest days, but not much.

TL;DR: I go to bed early, to get up early. This frames the day for activities and my body is not like a yoyo, which doesn't know what to do, when certain time comes. I eat two times a day, a good fruity breakfast with oatmeal, and a filling lunch midday. Take a nap if I need it. I drink lots of water during the day and allow myself some light snack if I am hungry. Every day I go outside to get some sun and move my body.

If you want to follow me and my current weightloss journey, just use mastodon, and follow me there. If you want to know what I eat, see my irregular posting on my pixelfed. Thanks!

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