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Prevention? What's that?

We never talk about better eating habits, better food choices (no don't talk about the "food desert" - because that the biggest bs excuse I have ever heard), better lifestyle choices?

Can we talk about, that since modern medicine exist, we almost never talk about prevention, only treatment?

We never talked about this in school, instead we had to learn meaningless history stuff with tons of years, that we don't remember by the end of the month, so we had to relearn them for a meaningless exam. I swear other than writing, reading and math, I haven't learned any useful things in school. And believe it or not, going to college is equally useless…

Why aren't we talking about prevention?

Mask, social distancing, the jab doesn't matter jackshit if you are overweight af.

I was chubby and overweight, downright obese for most of my life. I got cancer 11 years ago, and that was my wake up call.

Do not wait for an illness or life shattering event to change your life! Start now, start today! You will never know what happens tomorrow….

The media doesn't talk about prevention, since they got big money from big pharma and big junkfood.

Finally the obesity problem caught up with humanity, and instead of changing our livestyle, we need to take a vaccine, because soon we won't be able to shop without it.

Our politicians are not our friends, they should be our servants. Let them remind them who put them there!

Many countries are still under lockdown, which doesn't help people's physical and mental health, so of course they get sick! I myself wasn't sure if I survive last year, and it took enormous work from me, to get better. I was depressed, I had anxiety every time I went outside. When I had cancer, I had none of that. I repeat: when I had an actually life threatening illness, I wasn't depressed. In fact I kept the morale high in my family!

Here is my advice:

  1. Eat sparingly (two times more than enough a day),
  2. go outside and walk, go on a hike! You can do it alone or find a group. Last time I went on a hike, we met a group of old people, who were kicking ass!

Make it a habit to walk every day. Unless you are really overweight, you can do it. Start small distances or just 15 minutes a day. You can do it!

  1. Learn to meditate! (yes it works, you will feel better, starts short like 15 minutes, build up if you want to)
  2. Pick up new hobbies that you like to do either alone or with friends/family. Do gardening if you can, create something. If you don't know how to cook, learn it, it's one of the best skill one can have. Start with simple, easy recipes, watch videos.
  3. Oh and of course take your vitamin D, this is winter time in the northern hamisphere after all.
  4. Don't listen to any news! It will make you more anxious than you think. You will get plenty of news from your neighbors, or talking people in the grocery store.
  5. Unsubscribe netflix or any other streaming services. Now this might sound radical, but there is so many junk on Netflix it's mindblowing! Just look at the frontpage, what they recommend you: full of dark, depressing shit, that you don't need in your life. Who needs a company which downright shows movies for pedophiles, like cuties, or deletes episodes of Community in the name of the woke church? (nevermind the recent protest about Dave Chappelle).
  6. Pick up some books and read again. No matter if it's a physical copy or an ebook, you can find books. Maybe you always wanted to read 1984 or Brave New World. It's funny that I just talked to you about depression, and I recommend you two great novels that can make people depressed, but also can give you goals to fight against these systems.

Get books that you can learn from.

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