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Why you should play Blood?

This will be a new gaming series for this year, called Why you should play?

These won't be reviews, but trying to go in detail, why you should play some of the games. Some of them will be hidden gems, some might be obvious, others probably you just missed back in the day.

Anyway, let's start…

What is Blood?

Blood is a build engine game, made partly by 3D Realms and finished by Monolith. 3D Realms passed the game to Monolith, so they could focus on Shadow Warrior at the time.

You play as Caleb, former cult member of Chernobog

First impressions

Back in the day, when I was a little kid, even the menu made me anxious, as I saw the big Blood sign, and the freighting gargoyle holding it. The menu is stylized, while a demo played under it, which was the trademark of first person shooters since Doom. The music is haunting, setting the atmosphere, that this will be indeed a dark game.

You start a new game, choose the first episode - more about that later - and your difficulty setting, and you start the game.

"I live again!" - Caleb emerges from his grave, and we slowly start

This is good old fashioned 90s shooter, you don't have cutscenes, maximum an intro. Blood has cutscenes, but only after the bossfights.

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