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Why I'll never be a streamer?

Date: 2020-10-11

I'd love to be a streamer for video games! I play games for a while now, and while it would be weird at first, I could definitely play something, that would be entertaining. No cam though! Privacy and stuff.

And then there is a big reason why I would never do it. First of all when I play games - only single player - I like to focus on story elements, and it would be hard for me to interact with people (you know all 3 of them xD).

But I also realized, that streaming is hard to do. Not technically (although I don't have a machine for it, and it would be significant investment), but also playing the game and constantly commentating on it.

I see people playing games, and missing story information - that they already read like 2 minutes ago. Or objectives. Like I watched a streamer playing Outlast, and at one point to progress you have to put out fire, but the system doesn't have water in it. It happened like a minute ago, and she says: "why I have to do this?". And she is not dumb or anything. I watched her that stream (well the VOD, because I wanted to watch from the start), and she is clearly can't focus while she comments on it. It must be incredibly hard to do many things all at once and enjoy a game, and even playing it well.

I probably would be like: playing an hour before realizing I didn't said anything.

At the moment I could probably stream some older games from the 90s, like Thief, Deus Ex or something like that.

This post is day 74 of the #100DaysToOffload project. I am really close to finish, so the next 26 days I will write something every day!

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