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Why I don't care about GOG Galaxy on Linux?

Ever since GOG Galaxy has been announced, Linux users begging for a Linux version. Galaxy is at 2.0 open beta right now, and we probably don't get it for Linux. But that's alright for me.

Back in the 1990s we didn't have a lot of availability of games. Yes, the prices were steep in some cases, but it was a matter of getting the games. I don't think other than 2 big cities had games shops. So most people pirated it. It also become a cultural thing, sharing is caring after all. :)

I heard an opinion from a US streamer, who is an older one, that if you can't afford games, you shouldn't pirate it, because nobody forces you to play games, it's not a necessity.

I'd argue that it's not a necessity, but if you couldn't by them anyway, you are not really causing harm. It's not like if somebody has a really good job and can afford games, but still pirates them, now that's a different story. Also comparing the US and let's say eastern Europe, there is still a big gap in wages, while the prices are essential the same or very similar. And some countries here (mine too) depends on other currency. Our currency is even shittier than usual, due to COVID. A basic AAA 60 euro game, has went up by 50% since 2016 for us!

Sorry, back to GOG Galaxy: as time went on, we had more games shop, but not just physical, but Steam exist now, GOG exist now (also Because of that, less and less people pirated games.

If you were part of pirating, you know that companies had different solutions for preventing copying or playing their games. DRM was a hated thing even before we knew it was DRM!

So when GOG started I become a big advocate for it. Also playing my childhood favorite, absolutely legally made me smile. After all what we were doing was bad, and we knew it!

Simple just downloading a game, running an installer and playing it, is heaven.

Compare to Steam, where you have to have to login, have an active internet connection to install the game, and play it you have to be logged in Steam, and some cases you have to have an active internet connection to play some of the games.

I know that GOG Galaxy is not DRM, more of a quality of life improvements for keeping tabs on games, friends list, achievements, etc. But it's not a necessity to play games. After all GOG games are next, next, finish install, even if you are using Wine. What more simple you need? No DRM, no hussle needed.

It's perfect. The only problem - and we can argue, that's DRM - that you need Galaxy for multiplayer for some games.

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