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Watchdogs Legions Viewer Review

Date: 2020-10-30

I now watched many hours of Watchdogs Legions, and I feel just as qualified as many journalist who doesn't finish the game.

Watchdogs Legions' story plays in a post Brexit London, because according to Ubisoft they are not getting political. Nevermind that they bought Tom Clancy and his universe about 2 decades ago, which is largely political.

In that world activist got blamed for a series of bombing in London, and forced into hiding, and the now there is an authoritarian government with surveillence and armed people on the streets.

The thing is, London is already one of the most survailled city in the world IRL.

I think the environment is beautifully crafted, the streets are full of life. I like the textures on the road, that it's not just a freshly maked road. If you have an RTX card it will enhanced the experience. Nice reflections, although some cars are really shinny. In fact most cars are shinny, and opposite of streets.

The big feature of this game that there is no main character, but we recruit people for a group called DedSec, who are the rebels basically.

We choose the first characters from a random group of people, so this gives a little bit of variety in every playthrough. They each have different styles, and backgrounds, down to weapons. DedSec uses non-leathal stuff mostly. I like that old people can't run, or can't even take cover. They use tazers and kicking, and when they have to brawl they are in real trouble, because they are weak and takes time to disarm the enemy.

I don't know much about the story, because it's an open world game, and for me it has to give me something, because the choices usually overwhelm me. That's why I don't like Skyrim, and back in the days I had plenty of time to play games…

The dialogues feel weird, if you want to recruit from the streets, they straight up ask you: "are you from DedSec?" - I doubt this is how it would go, since you don't know if the people asked you actually work for the group.

So yeah, it's a generic open world game in London, with some political stuff. The graphics are nice, I like that certain cars are autodrivable. I don't like that there are no hacking minigames, since we have an AI that does everything for us. So yeah, don't expect Deus Ex or Bioshock/System Shock like minigames.

I rate this game: "will try to play it when I will have a better machine in 2027 and on sale".

Note: that I have both Watchdogs and Watchdogs 2, but I couldn't play it, however it was a long time ago, may try the first one again, as I heard it's much better.

This is for day 89 of #100DaysToOffload.

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