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Top 10 games, I will remember forever

I think this post was long time coming in some way, as I mentioned many times on social media, that I was playing games since the mid90s. I always loved playing games, if I look back sometimes I think I spent way too much time with them, yet it was most of the times really good memories. It was also a learning experience as I learned many things about how computers work.

So here are the 10 games that defined my life so far.

1. Dark Forces

I and my brother bought our first gaming magazine, because it had a stormtrooper on the cover, advertising Dark Forces, and a review inside. Personally I played the demo for at least a hundred times, pretty much speedrunning through many times.

It was all their, the story in the Star Wars unverse, the music (albeit midi only), the sound effects, elevated with absolutely badass level design, that sometimes you needed a guide which you could found on the net, as a txt file (because text rules and it was small, so even with a phone modem we could downloaded it).

Dark Forces was the first game that showed us, what first person shooters can be. Dark Forces is a much better game than Doom, it had freelook (only with keyboard), and the environment didn't just feel like a maze, but it was an actual place! It had one of the best level design from any games in the 1990s!

2. Thief: The Dark Project

Thief is the first stealth game I have ever played and it is still the best series ever made in the genre, thanks the the atmosphere and the variety things we could do in the game

3. Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2

GP2 was my introduction into the racing sim world. It 1996 when it happened, as Michael Schumacher won his 2nd title with Benetton. The game was the first licensed racing product. While the cockpit view was 2D, most thing were 3D. The enjoyed not just all the official tracks, well build, but an amazing mod community behind it, which made sure the game lived well beyond 2000, and well beyond GP3 and even GP4. Mods weren't just about car painting, but tracks as well with full graphics overhaul! In this way we always had updated tracks, and also updated rosters of the officially season. The AI was good enough for handling the new tracks as well. I also still remember downloading setup files for different tracks, as it was easy enough to save and export these.

It was probably the first game I have spent hundreds of hours playing, sometimes even going as far as playing a full simulated seasons with 100% long races! Oh and I played only with keyboard, as back then any wheel were as expensive as a PC alone, and gamepads were only for consoles mostly.

Later even though we got more graphic intensive and better simulations in the sequels, I still remember what it was like to go around on the Monaco circuit in 3D, trying to overtake the best of the best.

4. Alien: Isolation

I think I was 7 or 8 when I first saw the movie 'Alien' on TV, one late night. As of course with every kid, it had left me a lifelong impression in me. Quite honestly it is still the best horror movie I have seen. It's a masterpiece, and yes I like it better than the action version 'Aliens', which is also a very good movie in its own right.

Simple speaking Alien: Isolation is a homage to Ridley Scott's movie. We play as Amanda Ripley (Ellen's daughter), who is still looking for her mother. After she gets information that the Company found the black box of her ship, Amanda's jumping on the chance to know what happened to her mother. We go to Sevastopol a soon to be decommishinoed space station, where we soon meet the Alien himself.

Creative Assembly absolutely nailed the movie's atmosphere. Not just the environment, but the sounds and the music too. But of course the iceing on the cake is indeed the artificial intelligence that drives the alien itself. It was so good that IGN gave the game 5.9/10, because they called the game "too hard and the alien is unpredictable", simple because the alien didn't move on railes.

5. Dungeon Keeper

What can I say? A that you can play as the bad guy, is still unique to this day. In Dungeon Keeper you play the not the hero who goes into the dungeon, but you play as the leader of the monsters, who are there to slay the heroes. Build your underground kingdom, one dungeon at a time, while you


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