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The Evil Within on Linux (GOG)

Date: 2020-11-27

There's a Bethesda sale is going on at GOG, and I had on eye on The Evil Within for a long time. I really liked how the game looked, and although I am six years late, who cares, right?

The Evil Within was made with idtech5 engine which was first used in Rage by iD Software. I knew that Rage is playable on Linux, that's why I bought The Evil Within. It's also an older game, so it might run on my old hardware.

Well after installing the game 3 times, I finally made it work! I used adamhm's script. He is a very reliable script maker for GOG games. It makes you a separate prefix with all the necessary things to play the game. Check out his other scripts out here.

After starting and playing the game I only had one big problem with it. After you die and it reloads the last save for you, the game goes into slideshow mode, single digit fps, totally unplayable (note: I really have an old machine and not so good graphics card).

Turns out I just needed to tweak the graphics a little bit, and it took care of it. I feel that I still need to change something so I get acceptable fps, otherwise the game runs fine. Note that you will probably experience some problems, as people still complaining about optimization, which was never really fixed apparently. As always PCGamingWiki has ton of stuff we can try to make the game run better.

Currently I am at Chapter 2, and I am having fun. The game uses quicksaves, but there is also a hard save option at certain places.

This is day 92 for #100DaysToOffload.

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