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Spellbreak (opinion)

Date: 2020-09-12

Spellbreak is a free to play on Epic Game Store. If you are so butthurt of Epic, then you are welcome to click away. For others, here is my opinion after playing the tutorial and watching some streamers play the game.

Why only the tutorial? Because the game uses anti-cheat, that's only working on Windows. I understand why they use it. It's probably easy to implement it. However this makes for Linux players, most multiplayer a no-go.

Spellbreak is a third person multiplayer game, with so far one battle royale game mode. If you are so butthurt of BR, they you are welcome to click away. However this game is uniqe, because you don't play with guns, like in most BRs, but you play as a mage throwing out spells and flying.

You use spells via gauntlets that you collect at the beginning of the round, but every class has their own starting gauntlet. You have spells on your left and right hands, and you can combine abilities too, which makes it interesting, and allow players to find there playstyle.

While the game is a BR, when opposing teams or individuals gather at a place, it feels more of an arena shooter, like Quake. There are spells an abilities which require precision, but there are ones that not. A well communicating team can make epic combo's and destroy others in no time. I have seen some great battles.

You can find upgrades for your spells. And other than flying you can have icy spell which you can make ice surface and skate (not just for you, but for your team).

So far there is solo play, and squad play with 3 players, but duos are not far behind in the making. There maybe other modes in the future, and if the playerbase keeps growing it maybe worth implement it.

I hope that these games will drop their stupid anti-cheat solution, and maybe try it out a little further, as we have gazillion of gun based BR right now, and this is the opposite of that.

For more information, check out Twitch and the Spellbreak wiki.

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