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Realms Deep 2021

Realms Deep is a gaming event for the fan of old school shooters. It was live a few days ago on the 3D Realms Twitch channel. They showed more games than the big AAA devs on E3 do, and they not just showed more, but better quality games as well.

Here is the full event video:

I don't really want to go through it, because it was really long, but I want to show some of the games that caught my eye.


They started strong with this one, as I am currently playing Blood, and this is basically just like Blood! Visceral, great environment, even some of the enemies are similar (oh, look at the name!). Created by the one man army of Jason Smith!

Also, there is a demo on Steam, check a look!


Bunch of improvements, new maps, new music, new community maps, and above all Co-op mode! This game still looks and sounds good! I hope it will come to Linux, eventually…

Prodeus on Steam


Yes, that's a simple V, so shut up about the similar name to cultist, because well, it's really similar! Bloody, alternate WW2 shooter?


An immersive sim, inspired by System Shock and Deus Ex.

Peripeteia on Steam


This was just a teaser at the event, but graphically it looks strong. It's a coop sci-fi/horror shooter, with some interesting enemies, and weapons, like the pet gun? Hmmm…

Here is the full trailer:

RipOut on Steam | RipOut website

The Age of Hell

A Doom mod based on Gzdoom, with metal music, shotguns and a big fucking hammer! What more do you need? A demo, you say? Like this? ;)


Another game based on Gzdoom, this time a sci-fi shooter, which is more just than a shooter. Looks like we can upgrade weapons and shit, and I also liked the animation. Unfortunately the game looks like is still very far from release, when it's done probably.

Selaco on Steam | Early demo access on Patreon | Selaco website

Dread Templar

Very Quake vibe, with some weird effects like bullet time.


Not a first person shooter, but a WW 1 isometric one, with pixel graphics. Looks really good, and it has some tactical elements too.

Forgive Me Father

XIII meets Doom! Nicely done cellshading and comicbook effects.

"Forgive Me Father is a dark retro horror FPS set in a comic book style world inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft. As the only one with full senses, you begin a journey in search for answers and relief. How long can you last?"

Early access on October 28th!

Forgive Me Father on Steam


"Brutal, merciless, boomer shooter."

Incision demo

Core Decay

A very good looking old-school sci-fi shooter.

Core Decay on Steam

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