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I played CS:GO Danger Zone
Danger Zone is my first BR game, let's see what it's about?

December 25th 2018

BR game is still missing for many Linux players. While we are hungry for this type of killing, others are already bored, and want the subgenre dead. The truth is that battle royale can be versatile, and if developers are smart, they will put their own spin on it.

Two games already did it, Path of Exile made a gimmick weekend and lots of players loved the difference from the usual grind. Battle Rite is also doing a BR mode and the viewpoint can made it different.

I myself only watched PubG, back when it was king on Twitch, so very long time ago.

CS:GO become free at the beginning of December, and I had the chance to play some rounds of the new gamemode, "Danger Zone".

Danger Zone

Unlike in other games, DZ has a small map, and 18 players only (9 teams of duos, 6 teams of threes). This makes it much faster, and less time to play hide&seek. It also make sure that they don't overwork the engine, and cause problems for players. This game is smooth.

Instead of parachuting in, we are getting to our choice of start area by helicopter. We have a limited time to choose which region of the map we want to start in. One player, one region. I don't know how this works for team play, but in solo it's great, as you can see where are the other enemies are landing.

As usual you start with bare hands, and you have to find weapons/ammo and armors for yourself. Or you can buy them! You have a tablet in your hand (and you can move while you have it open!), which has a map and a simple shop for weapons and other shit. You can find money or earn over time. The ordered stuff came in by drones, which is genius. Also you can grab weapons from the air when it drops.

I am not an FPS-king, and my reflexes are slower now, but the first few rounds were pretty good. I learned not to just wait for to others to die, because then you won't have weapons, and your remaining enemies will probably be overpowered compared to you.

You have to be proactive, and move all the time. The tablet shows the areas in yellow where there are enemies or just you, but not the exact location. And be careful with the orders, since everybody can see the drones, but I also wonder if you can shot them down, or hijack them in any other way. Hacking would be too OP, I guess. My best bet is to stay a safe location while you waiting. I happened to be the victim of some turrets, and couldn't get to my crates, which hold precious ammo for me. :(

Here is a short video about the basics:

I haven't played FPS games for years, so I don't know which weapons are the best, and since it is a survival game, work with what you have. I like to go for armor first (blue chest), and find some kind of gun. Finding axe, or some other tool is also good. I already have an axe kill. Both of us run out of ammo, but he only have his hands, and I got an axe. I apologized after it though.

Short opinion

I personally had fun times so far. I had CS:GO for a while, but never really played it (understatement). Danger Zone however changed that. I enjoy the fast gameplay, despite that I am slower than ever. I can play many rounds in an hour. I enjoy playing solo games (unless it's co-op), because I don't have to deal with raging teammates, and I only blame myself if something goes wrong.

So far, finding games are easy, looks like we have many players, especially now that it is free. I think I will play for a couple of hours more during the holidays.

You can freely download and try the new expansion, if you download CS:GO on Steam.

Also don't look at the recent reviews, there are many angry people who payed 20 euros back then, played a couple of thousand hours and now complaining that people are getting in for free. xD

Merry Christmas everyone!

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