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Helping on Twitch when you don't want to backseat

One of my favorite thing to do when I am in the mood for a little bit of Alien:Isolation, is to go on twitch and watch people. There are some really great players there. I like people watch figure out some stuff, and rarely help. I know the feeling when I figured out some stuff myself and I want others to experience that too.

Sometimes I feel however that people doesn't know what's backseating ("turn right and the first door on the left"), and just a little tip. Here are two examples from the last day.

The first one. It's a spoiler, but a big explosion happens, a big room is full on fire, and there is one escape. Oxygen easily run out, and after a while healthbar just start to move down, fairly quickly. You can see literaly moving, and the character is caughing.

In that situation the streamer died 2 times. And she said that she didn't understand why. I wasn't pushy, or anything. Didn't call her dumb or other names. Her overlay covers up the healthbar, and you can't see it where it is. Full healthbar at this point should be enough to discover the route.

I simple said like this, after she died 2 times: "maybe craft a medkit and use it?"

I got the "no backseat" title (well I call it that after yesterday). Honestly I mad at myself, because I didn't explain myself after that. Could have cleared up a lots of things. But I just stayed silent and moved on after about an hour.

The second is much more unbeliaveble: go to a computer, get the passcode, go to the door elsewhere, enter that code.

When she gets to the door, she clearly panics, that she didn't think she needed the code. I kindly enter the code, thinking: "well she clearly in trouble, the alien is around, better get her moving". You know, decent people help. Of course after I enter the code, people start adding the wrong numbers, and I get the "no backseat" title.

I simple don't know what to do? Looks like they are in trouble. Shouldn't help them at all? I mean it's ok to have a word for help, but then don't act in situations that you are panicing, that you don't think about "just help me chat", and not saying the word. This is confusing shit. Maybe just age difference? I don't know.

But after this experience I will just simple shut up, and just watch.

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