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GOG Winter Sale recommendations
because we all need more games that we don't play… xD

Date: 2019/12/16

First, sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I had to go away for the day, and I didn't have anything to post this quick. Of course the posting will continue through the rest of December.

I though I'd collect some retro favorites from the current GOG sale. Not everything has Linux support, but most of them are playable on Linux anyway. Your best bet is Lutris.

Action games

Since Wolfenstein and Doom is not on sale for some reason (thanks Bethesda!), I will start with the Original Strife: Veteran Edition, for less than a euro, and 90% off, this is a steal. Note: multiplayer is only for GOG, and you need the GOG Galaxy for multiplayer. Strife trailer

Star Wars Episode whoknowsthenumber is here, but for me it ended with Return of the Jedi, so for me the '90s games are the best, like Dark Forces, which is the first episode of the Jedi Knight series, featuring Kyle Katarn, a former Empire employee, turned mercenary, turned Rebel hire, who stole the plains for the Death Star. His story is amazing, and worth playing the game. On GOG we get a manual with a full guide of levels and shit, and we definitely help it, because this game is one of the best of the 90s level design! Dark Forces trailer

Rebel Assault I-II is one the best full FMV games of the early days of gaming, with not so good acting, but absolutely SW atmosphere with music, and sound effects all from the movies.

If you want to fly in the SW universe, there is still no better than the Tie Fighter and X-Wing series. Tie Fighter Special Edition and X-Wing Special Edition - both are 65% off.

If you want to give Disney some money, do it this way, they may listen and continue with Jedi Order, and The Mandalorian.


Let's start with Heroes of Might and Magic series - personally I am fan of the 2nd one as this one I played the most.

As for RTS, I just love Dungeon Keeper and being the bad guy, and DK is always on sale: Dungeon Keeper Gold and Dungeon Keeper 2. One of the amazing feature was, that you could posses creature in first person, and lead your army to invade the enemy. The other one that you could slap your workers to make them more obedient. Hahahha [evil laugh]. Sadly it is another series that was buried by EA, just like Command and Conquer.

Want more Star Wars in your life? Here is Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, which used the Age of Empire engine.

Master of Orion 1+2 games are also on sale.

Role-playing games

One I really want to play some day is Planescape Torment (Enhanced Edition). Baldur's Gate I and II is also on sale.

One of my favorite is System Shock 2. And I would certainly put the Thief series in it, since you role play as a thief, hahah.

Thief Gold | Thief II: The Metal Age | Thief Deadly Shadows (the whole series is 3 euros only)

And Deux Ex GOTY too. Come on if you don't play these games you miss out the best in history!

Racing, driving

Rare for me to mention it, although I love this genre.

Star with Megarace 1-2, and the arcade legend, Screamer. Want to ride a bike instead, check out the Moto Racer series.

Something, something Postal

Postal just become permanently free, and Postal 2 is free for a limited time. Postal 4 is in development.

Want to see more?

Honestly I could spend hours to collect some of the best games in history, but I think you just head to GOG and search yourself!

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