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Blade Runner on GOG
a legend has returned from the grave…

The year is 2019, I am here, currently ill, reading my RSS feed (in Emacs). I didn't have anything better to do, I almost fall to bed. Then my I catched the GOG feed and it had no title, so I scrolled down and hit enter, to see what's it about.

I just slowly started reading: "It remains one of the best adventure games of all time, yet due to the lack of a digital version, Blade Runner from Westwood Studios slowly faded into oblivion for years. Until now. Thanks to the hard work of devoted fans and GOG.COM, the game is making a big comeback on modern PCs."

OMG! I could click on the link fast enough and started reading. It's the story about how the game came to life in an age where the only big movie to game adaptations were Star Wars games. The game 'Blade Runner' become a financial and critical success, and loved by the fans.

Restoring Blade Runner, both legally and technically is no miner feat. ScummVM's programmmers reverse engineered the whole thing, so we could enjoy a piece of history on modern day computers, while Alcon Interactive Group and GOG made it possible to re-release it for everyone. Btw, here is the game's soundtrack on the composer website.

I went to bed happy on this day…

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