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Doom (2016), holly shit!
so this is how it feels like going back in time…

Date: 2019/12/14

Still continue my streak of everyday post for December…

Well, well, I finally give in to my curiosity and bought the newest Doom on Steam. I have a weak machine, and I thought I will just try to see if I can it with SteamProton. After all the game is supported by it, when SP launched. The demo doesn't work (I think it still has DRM in it), but the game frequently goes on sale, and if you don't play more than 2 hours, then you can ask for a refund.

How it runs for me?

To my surprise the game actually runs pretty decent on my crappy i5 Intel and nVidia GT1030. Without taking everything to low, it runs 40-50 fps, very stable. I haven't felt the benefit of Vulkan probably, because I have a low spec machine anyway. I might turn it down a little bit more to get around 60 fps.

Doom in 2016?!

This is a reboot of the series that started the first person genre (let's face it, Wolfenstein was a good demo, but Doom was the real deal). All new engine, but with new story and some new enemies. According to the story we are the Doomslayer, and are woken up after daemons run through a Mars station in the future. Evil scientist thought that humanity can benefit big, hellish monsters and they opened the gate…to Hell.

I still don't understand why we don't have a proper movie adaptation of the game…


I watched many hours of gameplay back when the game was released. Even then, I felt that the game was properly upgraded to modern times (unlike the 2004 version). We have largely the same weapons, but now we can have mods for them to upgrade them for our playstyle. We can also upgrade our suit.

There is a totally new gameplay element, called Glory kills, which basically a finishing blow to any enemies, when they are highlighted. At first it looks like a chore to melee them, but after a while we will crave them, since it give us health. It is a good mechanic to make the game continous and not spending our time searching for healthpacks.

The weapons are familiar, yet still can give us something new, especially with the mods. The gunplay is satisfying, and running around a chainsaw in your hand never had been more fun. So far my favorite is the machine gun then the shotgun.

Level design

I am on the second or third level, and I appreciate the verticality of the levels. The map is really good and makes exploration fun. We have secrets like in the old days, and collectables. I like the little Doomguys as collectables.


What can I say, Mick Gordon is a God. You can listen to the music on Spotify and I highly recommend his talk about how he created the music (at GDC 2017).

I am over the 2 hour mark…

And I am enjoying the game. I play only on "Hurt me plenty", going pretty casual, but still better than the famous Kotaku journalist who played it with controller on easy and still missed many times.

It's like going back in time and being a kid again…

I haven't tried multiplayer or the snapmap level editor, maybe later when I am done with the campaign, which will probably take a lot of hours for me anyway.

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