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2K launcher ruins Bioshock and other games on Steam, here is the alternative

I took a little bit of break from my Bioshock 2 re-play, and today I came back and I didn't even see the update. Then when I launch the game, a big window of "2K Launcher" hit my face. WTF?!

Nobody asked for this, but you have to deal with it, you have to accept it… because launchers are so cool, and effective, and we need GOG Galaxy on Linux too! If you want to play your game with multiplayer, just install it via Wine, hahha.

Unless of course if you go to GOG, and buy Bioshock and Bioshock 2 (this also has the Minerva's Den DLC, which is one of the best DLC in gaming people say), both now on sale. Bioshock Infinite is also there, but I am not interested in that one, until somebody force me to replay it.

The remastered versions can be buggy, and the original versions are included. And you spare some money, since you don't pay additional for Minerva's Den.

So yeah, 2K and its launcher can go to hell.

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