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Games to finish in 2019

I have so many games both on Steam and GOG that I made a goal to finish some of them this year, before I buy too many new ones. I also wanted to publish this list, so maybe others can discover these games too.

There are games I will replay purely for achievements, or just sentiment. Not long ago I finished Bioshock 1-2 (remastered) and Bioshock Infinite (sans last DLC), again.

I will constantly update my lists.

Updated: 2019. August 23rd.

Games to finish for the first time

I don't give myself any deadline.

  • Ion Fury: recent entry. Retro shooter, based on the Eduke32 (build) engine. Read my first impressions.
  • Outland: nice platformer game with excellent art style and music (Steam exclusive).
  • Bastion: excellent action game.
  • Transistor: futuristic, turn-based story driven RPG. Good looking game with one of the most amazing music you will ever hear in a video game.
  • FEZ: platformer where you can turn your scenery. Phil Fish might be a dick, but this game is good. Explore every corner of the story, hehe.
  • Mark of the Ninja: Klei quality game, with nice graphics and playing as a ninja is always rare.
  • Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons
  • Syberia & Syberia 2: classic point&click adventure games. Unfortunately I cannot make them run. :/
  • MDK: best action game of the 90s.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent - I am still at the invisible water monster…
  • SOMA - I got back to the point where I got stuck last time.

Games to finish for Steam achievements

These games that I already finished, but I want more achievements. I was never an achievement hunter, but some of the games here are fun to play, so I don't mind starting over.

  • Alien: Isolation (only 4 left)
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Metro 2033 (already started)
  • Metro Last Light

Games I already finished in 2019 (first time)

  • Metro 2033 Redux: post it about soon
  • Metro Last Light (original): post it about soon

Games I replayed in 2019

  • Bioshock 2 Remastered - technically I play remastered version the first time.
  • Bioshock Infinite (+Burial at Sea Part 1)

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