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Losing myself in Emacs | parasurv's webspace

I am not going to lie, Emacs is a nice playground if you want to have something specific to do. It's truly a sandbox that almost everything is possible (within reason of course).

A few days ago I messed up my init file (that's the config file of Emacs), mostly the font setup I had, and some of them belonged to org-mode, a major mode that I love and one of the main reason Emacs is still going strong. People organize their live in Org-mode, or they write whole books in that mode, because it's absolutely perfect for it.

Emacs might not be popular in the modern age, but it exist for decades for a reason: it's reliable for all sorts of tasks.

So I searched for solution, how can I make my setup better. I was careless that I didn't make a backup of my init file, but now I actually want to make my setup better.

I found a great guy, another Emacs wizard (my first is Mike Zamansky), and a few of his videos are amazing about Emacs. His name is Protesilaos Stavrou.

Like this one about focused editing, or the continaution of this topic of mixed fonts for org-mode. He has good presentation skills, and he has good notes on his website. His document on his init file is really impressive. There are a lot of material to learn from. If you are interested in modifying your Emacs, and learn some deeper stuff, I highly recommend it.

He also created the modus theme (vivendi and operandi) for Emacs, which will be in the next stable release of Emacs. It's a really good theme, you can check out in MELPA.

I'd say that Emacs is a really good game itself. Just make sure you have proper backup of the files you are modifying, hehe.

This was day 77 of #100DaysToOffload. I aim to finish it around the first week of November.

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