Favorite subreddits

While I am not active poster/commenter on reddit, I sometimes go their to follow some stuff. Here are my favorite places with great communities that I think goes against the general low reputation of reddit.

I use rtv for reading and posting, it's a great terminal software!

Updated: 6th February 2019.


r/heroesofthestorm - dead game now, but this subreddit was the heart of the community, even the Blizzard devs posted here frequently. I can see it as future shitposting place before it's closed.

r/patientgamers - for people who play games after many years of their release. I was always a member of this club, because I never had a gaming computer, always lagging many generations behind.

r/bioshock - covers all of the Bioshock series. Shared memories, artworks, cosplays, etc.

r/alienisolation - one of my all-time favorite game, and best horror game ever, Alien:Isolation. People still sharing tips with new players, and stuff.

r/ThisWarOfMine - It's one of my newest favorite game. You are looking after a few people of survivors during a war.

Culture (movies, TV, books)

r/LV426 - everything about the Alien universe.

r/PersonOfInterest - the series has ended 2 and a half years ago, but the subreddit is still active with personal stories and observations

Linux, open-source

r/emacs - place for sharing Emacs stuff.

r/unixporn - stupid name, but great place for inspiration and copy other people's Linux and Mac setup.

r/i3wm - my favorite window manager on Linux. If you want customization, look at the unixporn subreddit.

r/linux_gaming - mostly about Wine and DXVK stuff now, but it's still on Linux, so it counts.

r/linux - people still care about this operating system? LoL


r/MechanicalKeyboards - this the rabbit hole for mechanical keyboard fanatics. If you have no money, pls don't click on that link. I warned you. hehe.