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Favorite recipes

Updated: 2021-11-16 - I put some commentary along with the recipe.

These are some of the recipes I have discovered and I really like to make them. Some of them I like so much that I can do it without looking at my cheatsheet (aka paper). More to come as I discover them.

NEW: - How to Make the Best Cabbage of your Life | Spanish Garlic Cabbage and Spanish Poor Man's Potato


Burgers and other fast food imitations

I was never really a fast food guy, as a kid we didn't have any place in my town, and later it was just very expensive compared to other things.


What can I say? I love pasta!

Asian inspired

From "Spain on Fork"

This guy is unbeliavable. In a short time I cooked and ate so many Spanish food. They are tasty and easy to make, and some of them are really cheap. I can recommend it to beginners (and I still consider myself one, despite I cook for 7 years). I doubt I will ever get to visit Spain, so for me this is like being there at least in spirit. :)

From "Made with Lau"

A Chinese family channel where a veteran chef shows you how to make real Chinese food. Don't worry, it has English subtitles, and many-many tips for cooking.

  • Tomato Tofu Soup: even if you don't like tofu, check out this amazig soup. You can add even more veggies to it, if you like. I put in eggplant instead of mushrooms.