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Favorite plantbased recipes

Updated: 2021-02-06

These are some of the recipes I have discovered and I really like to make them. Some of them I like so much that I can do it without looking at my cheatsheet (aka paper). All of them are plant based (or you can call it vegan), and simple to make. More to come as I discover them.


Burgers and other fast food imitations

I was never really a fast food guy, as a kid we didn't have any place in my town, and later it was just very expensive compared to other things.


What can I say? I love pasta!

Asian inspired

Brussels sprouts/broccoli based recipes

  • Lentils and brussels sprouts skillet - I've recently discovered this recipe, as I was looking for something with brussels sprouts, and I didn't want to make my traditional recipe. This new one is simple amazing, I love that it's made with chilli flakes, and you also add some lemon juice to it. I added red bell pepper for the color, and it looks and tastes amazing. I eat it with rice, but goes well with anything. I cheat a little bit with frozen brussels sprouts and ready made lentils, though.