Favorite plant based recipes

Updated: 2020. August 3.

These are some of the recipes I have discovered and I really like to make them. Some of them I like so much that I can do it without looking at my cheatsheet (aka paper). All of them are plant based (or you can call it vegan), and simple to make. More to come as I discover them.

Sadly, as of mid 2020, I can no longer eat any soy related stuff, but I still leave them up, since some of you might be able to eat it.


Burgers and other fast food imitations

I was never really a fast food guy, as a kid we didn't have any place in my town, and later it was just very expensive compared to other things.


What can I say? I love pasta!

Asian inspired

Sadly, I am not able to eat any soy based stuff, but if you can, these can be really tasty and easy to make!