Favorite games

First of all, this is not a top 10 page of any genre, because after playing games for 25 years, it's impossible to do that. I might occasionally switch things around here, and I hope I can keep it clean.

Updated: 15th December 2018 - as of right now I don't have a dedicated card, so at the top of the page you'll see what I like to play these days.


These are the games I am playing right now, and probably deserve some blog posts too.

Thief Series

While I wrote a post about it, I think it worth mention it here, that this game is 20 years old and it has one of the best sound and level design still. The trilogy is worth picking up on GOG, and it is just a milestone in computer gaming.

Buy: Thief Gold | Thief II: The Metal Age | Thief Deadly Shadows

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Try to play it for the nth time, hope someday I can finish it. Still has a fantastic atmosphere, and one of the best horror games ever. It has a new hard mode too.

Buy: Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Not really the game, more like the various engine that I play some levels with.

Not the Robots

Lately I've been playing this game. It's a roguelite 3D game where you play as a robot-kind and your mission is to dodge enemy robots and lazers, and eat furniture and finish levels. It's a typical roguelite, that if you die, you start over, and every level is randomly generated. It has simple graphics, but can be quite addictive. It's a stealth game, a hidden gem.

Buy: Steam

Invisible Inc.

Turn-based strategy in the future. Industrial espionage to be precise. Beautiful artwork, and good gameplay too. Randomly generated levels, and lots of character combinations to make your team.

Buy: GOG

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Heroes of the Storm

I played it for 3,5 years, and recently Activision canceled the pro league part of the game, which generated interest in the game, and gave job to a lot of people. This game deserve better, and the people deserve better. Needless to say, I will not support Activision in any way, even if they want to create a Linux-based gaming machine for us...

Buy: Are you kidding me? Run, far away from it, please...

Killing Floor (the original)

One of the few multiplayer games I have really enjoyed. In fact my first Steam friend came from this game. It's a co-op game, where you had to survive wave of zombies and monsters. Similar to Left 4 Dead, but different too. I loved to play every character except the melee one. Loved healing with people with my dartgun. Sadly I don't have a machine for the second game, because I'd love to try it.

Top of the mountain?

Alien: Isolation

Managed to finish it on hard in 2018, I just love this game. It was created with great love and care from the devs, and managed to recreate the atmosphere from the first Alien movie. I have 60 hours in it, and if I ever get a dedicated card, I will sure start another playthrough just to see the game in high settings. Simple amazing. The best horror game ever, and probably the best game ever.


Bioshock series

One of the best FPS games of all time, despite of three, very disctintive games. Worth replaying from time to time, and I just did a playthrough in 2018 of the first game. Still holds up well, partly because of the art style, and the voice acting is superb. One day I will collect all the audio stuff, hehe.

Bioshock Remastered | Bioshock 2 Remastered | Bioshock Infinite

The Talos Principle

One of the most interesting and unique puzzle game, that has a story, backgrounds, even though it's a little depressing. From the creators of Serious Sam, and original it was just a prototype game. There is a demo for it, so try it out, and if you like it, support the devs!


Randomly picked, not categorized

Spec Ops: The Line

Gameplay weak, story is strong. It's a rare game that you really need to play to understand and it will draw you in at some point.



Still haven't completed this game. Handcrafted, pixelart by one guy! Different worlds, and rotatable towers to progress and find secrets and stuff. If you want to relax, buy this game and play before bedtime!