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Compiling Emacs
On Christmas day!

OK, here is one downside of elementary OS. It uses old packages, because it is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Which means Emacs is old, and doesn't really work with configs that comes from a newer Emacs.

I used emacs-snapshot version, but it is so new (development version), that it broke my blogging setup with org-mode today, and I needed a new Emacs, which just works. So I went ahead and compiled Emacs from source. Compare to other software I learned to compile, it is pretty easy.

Just use: configure, make, make install - this is probably some standard compiling method for the ages.

Anyway, error messages are your friend, and you will have plenty. You will definitely need some dev packages to finish compiling. It is probably different for everyone, and every system, so I can't really make an outline.

(Especially that You Season 2 is out now on Netflix and I have to watch it!)

Also you need one line before you can run Emacs on Elementary OS. Nothing like a 13 year old unsolved GTK bug. Hahaha!

This line is:


Edit your menu, like this:

/usr/bin/env XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 emacs %F

This was my Emacs tip of the day!

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