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Budget EDC pen: Zebra F-301

Date: 2021-08-05

Recently got into EDC stuff, and after some searching, I wanted to buy some pens that I can use reliably. While Parker is a well known brand in my country, I opted for something different.

I did my research. I can waste many hours until I find my choice, just about anything. At the end I choose Zebra brand, which seems like a solid brand in the affordable category. My first choice was the Zebra F-701 the steel version, but I could only get that one through the internet, and it hasn't arrived yet. Until then I went with the Zebra F-301.

It comes in a variety of colors. It has a steel body with some plastic parts. It has a "Zebra" on the clippy, and a label on the side with the name on it, plus BP, which I am guessing means ballpoint. It is also ligthweight.

It uses their own refill, but you can get that anywhere where they sell Zebra pens. Lucky for me, both the F-301 and F-701 uses the same refill, which labeled F, 0.7mm.

Comparison between the standard F-301 and the F-301A version.

For a budget pen, not that I am a pen expert, you can write nicely, seems reliable after a few hour of use.

Here is some writing sample:

I know it's just a pen, but when you need to write down some information quickly, a well working pen is essential. I liked that there is a grippy space near the front, which is enough to hold on to it well.

This Zebra is not Fisher Space Pen (which you can write under water, or even in space), but gets the job done.

Note: today I also got the steel version of F-701, I will write about it at a later date.

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