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You need your own mastodon instance


Politics are killing people via internet

This just dawned on me, this morning, a few moment ago, when I was reading my RSS. Somehow a techsite, that I really respect, started to giving me links how to watch the US democratic national convention. This was a big thing for them, since covid stopped any kind of big gatherings for them. However why I should care about this as a tech person? I partly stopped using social media, to get away from the political stuff (which is anavoidable on social sites, no matter how techie it is).

I don't care about either democrats or republicans. Judging from my own experience and own country, every political party is self-serving bastards and only care about power, influence and money. They will never care about people.

If you want to get into politics, do something locally. Make something that people can use to make their life better in some way, that's useful for a lot of people.

I know I am just ranting, but I saw families and friends break up over politics in my own country. At that was 18-20 years ago. Without social media, or the modern internet. This time however social media, amplifies EVERYTHING! We all can be connected 24/7/365, and the only escape is, when the individual says NO, and get off.

I am a serious advocate about not using and not having a smartphone in your life. I never had one, and I am doing fine. But when I had a tablet, I was going crazy with twitter and other things. I developed insomnia, and I had serious weight gain, and high blood pressure problems (both from my weight and stress).

Don't do this to yourself!

I think if you want to stay sane, you will move to your own fediverse instance. The drawback is that you have a fairly poor Local page (only you), second you need money for it, even if you do it yourself. But you have to do it, for moderation, and your mental health. Plus in this case, it's better to have a domain name. [[][]] looks like a proper solution for the job.

I think we all need to move to our own instances

Ultimately we will have our own islands on the web, connected to others, without the big interruption. Sounds familiar right? Well, if you are using the net from 1990s. It gives you more control over your stuff really.

It's very hard to choose a fediverse instance, with proper moderation. Most places are respecting (or claiming to do it) the laws, what you can put up or not. Many are going to do other directions, blocking instances left and right, sometimes without any reason or description.

With that thought I might only return to the fediverse, if I find a good solution for myself. I'd very much prefer pleroma, as it has a better interface for users.

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