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Wonder Woman 1984

I kind of liked the first Wonder Woman. After her badass entry of the DC live action movies (let's not call it cinematic universe) in Batman v Superman, I wanted to see more of her. I definitely liked Chris Pine, and I also accepted that he has a one off appearance in Wonder Woman.

Then came the success and the inevitable sequel, and the news that Chris Pine will return. Which also means that part of the story will be how he will be back.

This also signalled that most people really liked him. Well sometimes you have to let go the characters. He served his purpose as Diana now see that not all men and not all people are powerhungry assholes, that some people just want to do the right thing.

Then I saw the trailer of WW84, with Blue Monday playing in the background I was excited. We have Maxwell Lord, Cheetah and Steve Trevor returns too. This seems crowded, I wonder how they will juggle all these people around WW.

As it turned out Patty Jenkins (now also co-writer to the movie), simple couldn't do it. 2 hour and 30 minutes long movie, and I find most of it boring.

I have to say I want to see Maxwell Lord movie, Pedro Pascal worked really hard to make this character work, even though he doesn't have much. The first 30 minutes we have an absolutely cutable scenes of the Amazons, and the mall hiest which should have been much shorter.

Max is an oil tycoon kind of guy, who also has a son and he is desperate to show him how successful he can be. He appears in ads, and everybody can quote him, seems like a popular guy. Later though we can see, that he has empty offices, and literally one employee, his secretary. His investors totally lose faith in him. However he has still one trick up in his sleeve, a magical crystal thingy, that grants wishes…

Which was stolen from the Mall, and took to the Smithsonian for inspection. Max took action and instantly goes there, offering them money to support the institution.

Then some events later

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