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Why I love the Batman The Animated Series

I didn't know what to write today for #100DaysToOffload, and this just popped into my head, how I love the 1990s Batman The Animated Series. Back then I occasionally watched it, mostly when my parents weren't looking, as they didn't like that kind of stuff. Here comics are were not popular, not even for young people. I would say up until 2005, with Nolan's Batman Begins, it was a very very niche genre here.

I was always a fun of Batman, ever since I saw the Burton movies as a kid, so later when I saw the BTAS, I was smiling every time I could watch it.

It was exciting, because the animation was good, you can hum the music endlessly and the stories were sometimes funny and sometimes serious.

Later as a grown up I looked at the series again, and that's when I realized that the series' Joker was voiced by non other than Mark Hamill! As we dub EVERYTHING here, I didn't know that.

So I started to watch it in English, and characters of Batman, Alfred and of course Harley Quinn quickly grown on me. But Hamill's Joker become my ultimate favorite, who later I enjoyed in the Batman games and other animated movies. In fact I love him as Joker so much, that his playfulness of the character is still the best in my opinion, live action or animated, doesn't mater. I still can't believe that the guy who played Luke Skywalker, could play the most iconic comicbook villain, like no other. His voice, his laugh… I just can't describe it for me.

Hamill's and Kevin Conroy's (who was both great as Bruce Wayne and as Batman) interaction brought the show to a whole new level, even when later the animation quality suffered.

What's amazing, that to this day, no matter if it is DC or Marvel they can't reproduce the Hero-Villain relationship on the big screen. Maybe the limitation of time, or simple Marvel's hero centric stories? I don't know.

This was day 11 for #100DaysToOffload an internet where we write about anything we want on our personal blog for 100 days. Check out the website and start writing!

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