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Why I like reddit?

Date: 2021-07-28

For some reason, most people who use or used reddit, are hating it. I don't know why. I only created an account last year, and become a little more active, until that point I only browsed it occasionally.

I only subscribed to the subreddits I really like to read, and comment sometimes. I don't have problem with people, probably because I go to communities that are normal.

I love the passionate people of r/casio or r/alienisolation and r/PersonOfInterest. My recent favorite place is r/EDC, where you can get tons of ideas for an EDC item (although they still couldn't convince me about having a knife with me).

At first it looks to me like the old style forums or bulletin boards from the golden age of internet (pre-social media), but with the twist of upvoting or downvoting of opinions. It certainly can look like dumb people downvoting each other sometimes, but you just have to find the good communities.

I still remember when many years ago a TV series called Arrow, took a shitty turn and a good chunk of the community basically created another subreddit to talk about the show, and left the official Arrow sub to people who still liked the show, despite the aweful changes.

Reddit gives me value, as I can search for Linux tips, make conversation about culture or just straight laugh about human pets at r/aww. Note that I don't visit political subreddits, and I try to avoid keyboard warriors and trolls.

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