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Why I don't watch Netflix anymore?

Date: 2020-09-29

It's not because of Cuties (although I am against it). Honestly I feel that the problem with it, is way overblown, or more likely overreacted by some people. It's good to be aware, but I think most people won't really watch it, not interested.

Anyway the real reason why I got off Netflix, is simple too many choices. I got into one series, or started to rewatch something, and then one evening they offered me something else, and I started watching that.

Bingewatching something is good for the soul, because you feel the excitement in the story when you watch episodes after episodes, but bad for the brain, because you simple can't connect some of the dots in story, or character development. People want to talk to others about storylines, characters, what they like and dislike. When you just watch and watch, you can't do that.

It's simple just too much for our brain. You need time to breath, to process certain things.

And also, the Netflix UI is simple crap. The mouse over trailer plays, and the skip or do not skip intros? I am oldschool, I love my intros, especially in the older shows, where there is actually one (also frak Lost).

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