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Why I don't use a smartphone?

Date: 2018/07/14

This year will be the 5th year anniversary for my little dumbphone, Samsung S5610 or something. I bought this phone because my previous phone was a touchscreen one and the replacement screen gave up, and with that I gave up on touchscreens. It wasn't a smartphone, it had some proprietary Samsung OS on it, but best not to remember it.

While I don't move much, my phone is with me most of the time. Just so others can reach me. I don't like internet in my pocket, and I don't have money for it either. I admit it is very convenient to have an internet enabled device with you all the time. Must be wonderful to be always connected! /s

Except I dislike that. I use my phone to call and listen to music, and this phone is perfect for that. Every time I saw a phone I'd like, I remind myself that I have absolutely no reason to change my current phone. I also made a bet that my little phone will be with me for another 5 years.

I have a tablet which I main use now for youtube and twitch at the end of the day. The screen is giving up slowly, I can't really use certain part of it now, after 4 years. It served me well, learned a lot about myself and social media. So when it becomes unusable I will never get another tablet. Maybe an ebook reader.

I also think that Android is simple not good enough for low end phones, and I can't afford, and most important, I can't really justify spending that much money on a device if I don't use 75% of the functions at all.

If you can handle always on connection and the duality of the mobile OS scene, go for it, but right now it is just not for me.

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