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Why I am not following many vegans?

Date: 2020-08-25

This is primarily about youtube channels. I am almost a 3 year old vegan now, and during that time I went through many phases. This year and even the end of last year I become a little disillusioned about the movement. If we can call it movement.

My primary concern is that many vegans jumped on people who are leaving veganism, instead of focusing on people who can be convinced about veganism.

The latest victim of vegan's bashing is Jon Venus, who was mostly a health related vegan and focused on body building. He had a rocky relationship with vegans in the past year or so, and now he went to his first hunting weekend, and uses truly carnivore arguments against vegans.

My main complaint is that some vegans are creating many-many video about him, instead of doing some actual activism. Like Vegan Gaze, that girl is truly in love with him or something. I caught doing some livestream reaction this morning, thanks to youtube's wonderful algorithm. It's like her 5th videos about Jon Venus at least.

It's OK to create a reaction video the first time, - since he was a well known person in the vegan youtube community - but now it's just tired and honestly they are not saying much new things. They are trying to completely destroy Venus, which of course will further push him away from veganism. And now it has even less chance to get to him, although his brother is a vegan doctor, and even him doesn't understand Jon.

Nice job vegan community, you surely know how to push people away! I think partly they are doing this to gain viewers, since drama attracts viewers on the internet. It happened when Tim Shieff, Jack Wacko and others left in recent years. I fallen into that trap in the past, as I watched many videos, like it was feeding me for some reason. But later I realized that it's simple just bad vegan content, and I am not that person anymore.

This is why I don't really follow any bigger vegan youtuber. They are pushy, and like to attack the person many times, and they rarely focus on real activism. I only follow now people who are sharing recipes or lifestyle tips. I hope if you are vegan, you are doing the same, and don't give viewer numbers to these people.

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