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My Star Trek journey starts here…

It's interesting how we influence each other. What we watch, listen, read and talk to other people about it. This is certainly not the first time I started to watch Star Trek. Not even the second. But looks like the final time, when I actually really watch it to the end.

I think I started watching some of the original series for like 3 times, and this is the second time I have started The Next Generation.

Honestly how Mike Stoklasa is speaking about Star Trek, always got me. Any time he spoke about ST, you could clearly see how much he cares about it, how much it is part of his life, and for me it made me just more curious about the whole Star Trek thing.

I started to watch TNG (The Next Generation), because I read that for most people it is the best Trek series. I thought I already watched many episode before, but now as it turned out, only the first 3. I have to say I still don't like Wesley. But it's not just because he is a child, but because he is a know it all genius, who can't act like human. I mean Data is more human than Wesley at this point, and I am only at episode 12 (The Big Goodbye).

So far these are very hit and miss episodes, and for a new watcher, you have to have a lot of patient to deal with some of the stuff.

One of the most interesting with these older ST series, that they are not serialized at all, only episodic in nature. And with a set of rules from the creator Gene Roddenberry. Like no conflict between ship crew, which seriously limits storytelling and interactions.

I don't really care about special effects, I can watch and game without need of stuff flashing in my face every 2 minutes. So the limitation of late 80s and early 90s doesn't bother me.

I am more interested in characters and their motivations in the story. So far in the first half of season one, Picard, Riker and Data who seemed to be the most fleshed out and interesting. And even after just a small number of episodes, Wesley is totally annoying. I simple can't stand him.

I read that there are better episodes and seasons later on. This is a 7 season adventure, 178 episodes. And that's a lot, I have a lot of adventure ahead of me. I am not in a hurry.

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