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The Rock
Michael Bay's best movie is 25 years old this year!

The Rock is one of the best action movie, and maybe the best of the 90s. It has an amazing cast, really tight action scenes, and Sean Connery as James Bond for the last time. Well, according to some theory…

The movie starts with Ed Harris puting on his uniform, and as it turns out he is preparing for his last mission. He plays a general Hummell who is a very well decorated millitary man. More than a hero, a legend - as they say later in the movie.

He and his team, steals a VX gas from a millitary base, and takes it to Alcatraz, aka "The Rock". His ultimatum is to pay compensation for the soldiers he lost and didn't get a proper burial, if not he will target San Francisco with rockets full of VX.

Here comes Stanley Goodspeed into the picture, played by Nicolas Cage, who is a chemical weapon expert, and just had a bad day recently, because someone targeted his workplace with some posionous shit, and almost died. Oh and his girlfriend just got pregnant. That leads to an interesting scene between them, in the "so honey how was your day?" scene, where basically Stanley wondered what kind of shit person would bring someone into this shit world, just right before his girlfriend telling him that she is pregnant.

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