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Squid Game
this opinion piece doesn't have spoilers

We got to the point in western culture, that it become so shit, that some of us are looking for entertainment in the east. There are many people who are big anime fans, and I watched some, they are alright. I watched Train to Busan during the summer, and I was blown away by it, and can recommend to anyone, and not because of the zombies. Very human movie, and I still don't know where they found that little girl, what a big difference a good child actor makes.

Honestly I don't really like hyped up stuff nowadays, so when I read about the amazing news Netflix series, the bestest, the most awesomest thing on Earth, called Squid Game, I waited for like a month before I said to myself: maybe I should watch it. I watched one episode, then I continued with episode 2, before I turned it off. I just wasn't in the mood for a dark series…

Then the next day I continued, and binged the remaining 8 episodes, almost without any interruption. What can I say? Eating once a day and not snacking has it's benefits when it comes to entertainment.

As it turns out Squid Game is a good series. Without telling much it's about a group of people who got bad financial situation in their lives and they got invited to play a game. But of course not everything as it seems, and shit hits the fan, even in the first episode.

The acting is great, and recommend to watch it with subtitles. Even if this is your first Asian stuff, the faces and characters are very different so it's easy to recognize them.

However I strictly recommend SG to adults, as it's not for the faint hearted. I felt that the 9 episode was long enough for the story, however the last episodes are less good than others. Some things are not satisfyingly ended I feel, but overall I enjoyed the story.

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