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Date: 2020-10-20

Today I saw somebody post about, that she got a fortune cookie, which said: "a smile makes your face more beautiful".

She said that "I was stressed and trying to hit a deadline and was not in the mood to be catcalled by a fortune cookie".

Catcalled by a fortune cookie? WTF?! I can't even comprehend this kind of thinking.

I try to smile in front of the mirror more, because it puts me in a good mood. When I do it, it gives me confidence, a mood changer. I am pretty sure that it simple helps your brain relax, but a calmer body also improve your overall help. You maybe not think of it enough, but I am pretty sure that when I got cancer and recovered, my home environment, the stability, that my parents didn't panic around, and made sure everything is there fore me, it helped me to recover. And smiling at each other, each day, was part of that.

I like to smile at other people too, because simple I like when others smile at me too. It's contagious, and can spread in a positive way. It gives you good vibes. Seeing smiling people is just soo goooood (including myself in the mirror).

I feel that the toot I read was from a person who is generally like this. Attributing catcalling to a fortune cookie is not a healthy attitude. I feel that she sees things where the things simple aren't there. Sees boogeyman in almost everything is just not a way to live life.

That's why I say that people should smile more. I could, even in the thoughest parts of my life, smile.

This was day 81 of #100DaysToOffload.

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