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Mr Brooks (movie)

Date: 2020-01-26

It looks like I have tendency to watch some psychological stuff, even when I am not really supposed to. I guess if you have a depressive period in your life, why not just watch a movie about a serial killer? To be honest it was a recommendation and I didn't know anything about the movie beforehand.

Mr Brooks is from 2007, a year when I was happy. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't watch it back then?

Kevin Coster plays the title character, as a person who is struggling with addiction. He just can't stop killing people. His evil alterego played by William Hurt. Both of them are fantastic in the movie, as they try to figure out the next step in their life.

Mr Brooks is not the loner type. He is a successful man, with a wife and daughter, a nice house and a company that he leads. From the outside it seems that everything is OK. But in reality he is struggling. At the beginning of the movie, he hasn't killed anybody for a long time…

Demi Moore plays a detective with an interesting past, tries to solve the serial killer's case.

I have to say that Mr Brooks is an excellent psychological thriller. It's a really good movie. Interestingly there were no interest for sequels from investors (which shows that how much an indie movie can depend on money, even with a star cast), while all the actors are expressed interest to continue the story.

I don't really want to get into detail, this movie is a rare gem. On top of that, the music was made by Ramin Djawadi (Spotify link).

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