Date: 2020-10-16

First of all, I want to thank Art from Mastodon, for sharing LeoCAD. Amazing find!

Second, what a cool program. I grow up with Lego in the house, although I mostly inherited my brothers' sets. Still I loved building all sorts of things. However this is not just a children's hobby, I think many adults love to build. For me it's hard to do, since I have limited space for doing that, and before I know I would be the dad who fell on a simple brick on the way to the toilet one night...

With LeoCAD, we can build stuff. Lots of bricks, elements, customizable Minifigs.

It's open source, works on Linux, Windows, macOS, and more importantly it's Qt, and not Java. I saw many building programs use Java, and I just go outside and shouted: "WHY?!!!!". Then I just went back and uninstalled that software.

But not with LeoCAD. The website has a documentation for start building stuff. It comes in AppImage, which I like. I just put into my ~/.local/bin, make it executable and I can run it.

This is day 78 of #100DaysToOffload.