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Joe Rogan's podcast (JRE) missing episodes on Spotify?

Date: 2020-09-01

At the end of May this year, Joe Rogan made a very big contract with Spotify about his podcast exclusivity. According to Wall Street Journal, the deal is worth $100 million to Rogan.

From today, the podcast will be available on Spotify, and will disappear from anywhere else before the end of the year.

"It will remain free, and it will be the exact same show," said Rogan. "It's just a licensing deal, so Spotify won't have any creative control over the show. (source: BBC)

Missing episodes on Spotify

However, I found a comment on his latest episode, collecting some of the episodes that are missing from the Spotify list.

Let's take a look, who they are and why Spotify took them off. Note that between the deal and September 1, they had plenty of time to upload these episodes to their system, so it's not the case of "we didn't have time for uploading all of the episodes".

I don't think that every episode taken down is because of something Spotify didn't like (Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Sargon of Akkad, etc.), but simply because of bad audio quality, or other things.

I also want to note, that just because I collected these, it doesn't mean I agree with his guests. Well some of them yes, but others don't. And there are some I don't even know who they are. So yeah, please don't call me a nazi or something like that, OK?

I also also want to note - sorry just watched Mauler's critique of Captain Marvel - that I like Joe Rogan. He has interesting guests and he improved as an interviewer in the 1-2 years.

Here is the list I collected, after I checked it from the beginning:

Dave Leduc #81

Henry Cejudo #97

Daryl Wright & Brian Whitaker #98

Episode #108 - interestingly there is no episode 108, not even on Rogan's site. He must be superstitious and liked Lost. xD

Jan Irvin, Brian Redban #119 - Might be the Fleshlight ad?

Joey Diaz #128 - not available on Youtube, just a clip. Probably technical difficulties and no archives.

Episode #149 - not on youtube, not on website.

Episode #213 - not on youtube, not on website.

Adam Kokesh #239

David Seaman #256

Dave Asprey, Brian Redban #275

Chris d'Elia, all of the 3 episodes: #1458, #980, #533
In June 2020, D'Elia was accused of sexual harassment, grooming, and solicitation of nude photos by multiple underage girls. (source: Newsweek )

Michael Shermer #1456: "Michael Shermer is a science writer, historian of science, founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine Skeptic."

Tommy Chong 1303 - Looks like a lost lunatic, who smoked too much weed. xD

Joe List #1296

Alex Jones Returns #1255
This is obvious.

Stefan Molyneux #538
He was deplatformed from both Youtube and Twitter in a matter of days, this year. They used to be friends or something. Note that other two episodes (#396, #436) are there.

Nick Kroll #1182

#1164 Mikhaila Peterson

Owen Benjamin / Kurt Metzger #1093

Owen Benjami #998

Owen Smith #1461

Sargon of Akkad #979

Milo Yiannopoulos #820 and #702

Some other episodes "missing": 286, 303, 331, 361, 368, 441, 454, 487, 538, 582, 702, 750, 756, 820, 911, 920, 979, 980, 998, 1093, 1296

Some episodes that are still there, but might disappear

396 Stefan Molyneux, 1125 Candice Owens, 1242 Tim Pool, 1276 Ben Shapiro, 1323 Andy Ngo, #1465 Tim Pool

How to back them up?

If you want to save them, you can use Youtube-dl for video and audio. It has a GUI, and likely you have it from distro repository, or if you are using Windows, you can download the file from the website above.

Another solution is to use Joe Rogan's website to download the episodes you want. They are in MP3 format. It has a very good search, just type in the name or episode number.

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