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Is Youtube a republican news station?

I don't usually respond to other blogs, but I think this is an interesting topic, because I live in Europe, and the blog owner is most likely American.

I read this blog through the #100DaysToOffload project, and recently he wrote a post, titled YouTube is…, where he complains that the largest videosharing site in human history, is just a Republican news station, that:

/"and this fucking service BOMBARDS my recommendations with news clips from Fox News, MSNBC Trump commentary, or some shit from CNN like a guy getting his hand sawed off or some crazy shit"/

I absolutely don't understand this. I know enough about American media, that from the channel, only Fox is conservative, the others like MSNBC, CNN, etc are left-wing.

However what the author didn't realize, that every publication lives off of Trump, ever since he had a chance for the nomination. Basically Trump is in the newscycle on every station at every chance, and not just because of the election year. Trump is their boogeyman, and they have to keep him in the cycle, because that's what makes them money, but also because the American left is now just a big mess, and Trump is an ideal cover for that.

About youtube: if you watch many different topics, and channels, the algorythm will balance itself enough, even if you are not logged in, just based on cookiez and cache. Just use it from Tor, and see it yourself. Or create a different web browser profile. Or just use one of invidious instances, hell you can subscribe to RSS and follow your favorite channels. That's what I do, and it works for me as a primary filter.

This was day #62 of #100DaysToOffload, where we write about different things on our personal blogs. Join the project or just read the blogs.

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