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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I think the critics who gave a negative opinion about the new Ghostbusters movie, well I hope they get haunted by ghosts for a while. :)

Ghostbusters: Afterlife plays 30 years after the second movie, and basically a family drama and an appropriate send off to a beloved character.

I didn't really had much expectations, the trailers were fine, but I am very pessimistic these days when it comes to genre movies in hollywood. When The Force Awakens trailer came out, I watched it like a week later and I was like "well I already saw this movie". And I was right.

I love the original Ghostbusters movies and I recently finally fired up the video game, and I liked that one too.

As much as the trailer looked alright, and Sony looked to go with a different direction from the 2016 abomination, I was still skeptic that this would be good.

Well, I was positively surprised. While the movie has some pacing issues for the first half, it is an entertaining movie, that introduce a young generation, while respects the original team and especially Egon Spangler.

The movie has a much smaller budget than 2016, and it positively shows, as it is less flashy and more about mystery. And that mystery could have killed the movie, however a 15 year old Mckenna Grace comes to the rescue, who just carried this movie on her back. She plays Egon granddaughter, who knows nothing about him - since Ego pretty much left his families alone, with reason - and slowly discovers the past. She is a geeky girl who is into science, observant and very curious, but not a know-it-all character, so don't expect TFA-like "I bypassed the compressor" moments here. In fact she failes the ghost busting tutorial at first. Maybe she looks too much like Egon, but they similar both inside and outside at least.

Luckily the kids are not annoying

The only star power in the movie is Paul Rudd, the only familiar face at first. He plays a supporting character, a sysmi

The critics who didn't like the movie, did it because it is not like the 2016, means "not woke". Although we could say we have more diversity here, but without pushing it to the forefront. I honestly don't care about any of the stuff. Hollywood managed to make good movies with diverse characters, but now they are just forcing it, and this never ends well.

The other reason they didn't like Afterlife is because "it's too similar to the original". Except it doesn't. The place is different. The characters are mostly kids and they don't really have much help, they have to discover stuff on their own. The only same thing is the final enemy. What no critics mentions that 2016 was pretty much a beat by beat version of the original, and those people didn't had a slight problem with that. What a bunch of hypocrites!

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