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Every year: Your Lie in April

April 5th 2020

A few years ago completely by chance I discovered the anime, "Your Lie in April". One day I watched one of my favorite streamer, Dodger - who is a big anime fan, talking about this show, centered around music.

Until that point I thought anime is not for me (I was more like neutral about it - didn't hate it, but didn't like it either), but how she talked about YLIA, the passion, the story and the characters. She convinced me to check it out.

At first it was weird, because the animation and the cultural difference compared to what I saw until that day. But Your Lie in April is awesome and anime is awesome. While I didn't become a giant fan (more like casual), I now know if I see something I like, I won't dismiss it, just because it is anime.

After I finished it I made it a ritual to return to Your Lie in April in every April. This year I will rewatch it one episode per day. I want it to be an experience, and not just run through it. Of course I know what will happen, but so far every time I watched it I discovered something new.

Your Lie in April is about a boy - Kosei -, who is a child piano prodigy in Japan. He lost his mother and with that the ability to hear his own play of music. That is until a day, when he meets a girl, Kaori, who turns his life upside down in a way which he has never expected it.

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