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England's kneeling will be a great shitshow at Euro 2020

Date: 2021-06-11

Today another European Championship starts for football fans, at it will be a particular interesting competition for England. Lately players and their manager are making waves, as they kneel before kickoff - to their understanding - for racial equality. But of course the reality is much more complicated and sinister.

In our modern times, the kneeling started when a Colin Kaepernick, an American Football player started kneeling during their national anthem. Then it become a symbol after George Floyd's death, and becomes BLM thing. Black Lives Matter, as an organization however is the most divisive group.

I'd say that most people doesn't have a problem with "black lives matter", as of course every lives matter, but BLM as an organization has showed that they are care little about black people.

They made an enormous amount of property damage (burning down buildings and steeling things) in the USA last year and during the riots about 29 people died. There is a reason why some people on the internet call them just Burn Loot Murder. Because that's what they do. They destroy statues of historical figures - in the name of anti-racism, not just in the US, but in the UK too. BLM is using anti-racism to promote their Marxist idiology.

What's buffling that UK has a widely different problem than the US, yet they treat it as the same.

During the last Premier League season, team kneeled, but they couldn't hear reaction, as there were no audience. Even in the FA Cup finale, the most sacred competition of British football, between Chelsea and Leicester City, people boo-ed the kneeling.

Since then people booed at England's game vs Austria and Romania, while Hungarians booed the Irish taking the knee during their game.

According to Rio Ferdinand, fans "need to educate themselves", Southgate also doesn't understand why people are boo-ing, he thinks kneeling is not political. LOL, good luck with that manager.

England already decided to kneel at Euro 2020, while the other teams in their groups won't do it - Scotland, Croatia and Czech Republic - and probably at least the England fans boo their team, and I just hope the opposite team's fans will join in.

Many celebrities, talking personalities and football experts doesn't understand, that fans aren't racist, but we just simple don't like BLM as an org. Millwall booed his own team in January, when they kneeled, but one week later they cheered when the team stood behind an anti-racism banner.

These overpayed celebrities, and ex-footballers simple uneducated:

I've read many comments supporting the Hungarians as their team didn't kneeled, but instead they pointed at the Respect sign on the sleeve of the shirt (which is on every football shirt). Interestingly some of the Hungarian leftist media didn't cover that, they just labelled the supporters racist, because it doesn't fit their narrative.

If England (and Ireland, Belgium and who knows which teams kneeled) continue kneeling for a Marxist org, that's basically wants to destroy the current living status, I won't support them. As a non-English man I supported them for almost 30 years, but not this time. Well I don't like Southgate anyway, and he didn't choose Mason Greenwood, who is just the best English forward in recent times.

Oh and yes, I am totally racist guys…

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