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Bye, bye Netflix, as they took down one of the best Community episode

Woke people are the enemy of humanity. It's a disease. And their latest victim is Community, a comedy TV show about a community college. It was a fun series, with some really good episodes. Back then when I battled with cancer, it was one of the few things that made me smile. And now Netflix took down an episode, one of the best mind you, because one of the characters played a dark elf during a Dungeons & Dragons session.

The episode is about a fat kid, called Neil who hardly fits anywhere in that school. So Jeff decides to make a D&D party for him! Neil is happy, even though others don't really know how to play it. Pierce is the bully, but the end is awesome, and it actually helps Neil, and others to accept him. (this is my summary after I did not see the episode for many years). This episode is extremely important for people who are shy, and has hard time to be accepted in school and went through bullying.

I searched today for this episode on Netflix, and I couldn't find it. Turned out, they took it down, because Chang played a dark elf, and blackface is offensive, nevermind that CONTEXT is everything.

But these people can't think for themselves and it's easier to kneel, than standing up for what is right!

Fuck Netflix! I will end my subscription next month!

Archive everything you like. Download, make copies. You'll never know what they come for next! Books, movies, TV shows, music, etc. Nothing is sacred for them!

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