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American cancer ads and hypocrites

Date: 2020-10-06

I just love American ads during NFL games! I am watching these since

  1. I love that they actively promoting cancer, like red meat and

beacon. Not to mention fucking fat on your pizza! I mean you wonder why your entire nation is superheavy? Look no further what you advertise on your TV! Unhealthy food, garbage after garbage? Check! Cars, so you won't move an inch on your own? Check! Drink your bear buddy, because then your are not manly. Check!

And people eat it up, like sheeps..

You advertise that "we don't have to cook anymore!" - because you can order in. Good luck with your health! Not to mention cooking is such a basic, essential skill you can have!

And if somebody gets this into a conversation and tries to speak about? "You are fatphobic!", "We have health at any size!" and etc…

Americans are the biggest and most hypocritical nation on Earth…

This is day 69 of the #100DaysToOffload.

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