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All Lives Matter

June 3rd 2020

When I was a kid, my parents told me: "Treat others as you want to be treated."

So outside of one incident - when I was like 7 or 8 - I didn't raised my hand on anybody. Even when I got bullied, I didn't fight back at all. It seriously fucked me up socially probably.

When it comes to violence I condemned everything. I don't understand how a democratic country like the USA has a constitution that allowed people owning weapons, so they could fight back opressing governments. Let me tell you one thing: when it comes to weapons of civil's and the millitary in modern times, the millitary would win 100%. My country tried to fight back, we got shut down in a matter of weeks, and we are a small country. Of course history and the cold war didn't help either, we had no help. So believe me when I say it, if you want to fight back with weapons, you would lose.

In the city where I was born and still live, there was an event where people gunned downed in a square from tall buildings (like 3-4 stores), they tried to run, but they couldn't where the only exit are the roads, because you are pretty muched boxed in. There were tanks on the streets. And it was in the 1950s, my mom and grandmother told a lot about it. People stepping on each other as they tried to escape.

I don't like violence. My father and my mother fought against draft in my country. I had to get out of draft 2 times (both I could, because of school commitments).

For me every life is important. We don't have black people here, as I live in a part of Europe that's mostly white. We have gypsies here. Some of them are nice people, some of them are not, like with every group. I had gypsy classmates both in elementary and in high school. I had gypsy mates in wrestling class. My dad - who was our trainer in that class - has a skin condition that makes him look like a gypsy, he looks darker skinned than some. I never had a problem with them personally. Some of my friends were gypsy.

Everybody suffers in some way (unless you are at the top), and so every life is important and matters.

I also don't like violence in any shape or form, so please if you go protesting, don't loot, don't steal and certainly don't destroy other's property, no matter how the owners look like. It's still violence. And much as other people will tell you, they can't rebuild with a snap of a finger. Especially in a time like there is still pandemic goes on (although looking at the USA, it's already over with people freely roaming the streets day and night).

If you want to protest, do it with peacefully and accept each other as they are. No matter if we are white, black, Asian, gypsy, etc, we are all humans and we all live on this planet together. And you should accept that while we agree on some things, we can disagree on others, politically, lifestyle, etc.

This was day 25 of #100DaysToOffload. I tried to write this for a few days now, at first connected to the current events, but I realized a more personal and general post is better than something that connected to much with what's going over there. If you feel that you are offended by the title, I can't do anything about that.

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