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A Good Year (movie)

I wanted to rewatch this movie so long, and I finally did two days ago.

First, I really dislike that in my country we have this decades old tradition for terrible title translation. Instead of just translating it normally, they gave some weird title, based on the place that's in the movie, or something like that. Instead of translating it how it is. The title is a reference to a wine's vintage, and the movie also starts with this: "A few vintages ago", instead of the usual "a few years ago", or just simple by the year. It also signals to us, this movie will be about wine, or at least plays some role in it.

The movie is about Max Skinner, who is a successful investment broker in London. His uncle suddenly dies and he inherited his estate, and he has to go to France, in the middle of his biggest deal that he made. Max is reluctant to go to France and he wants to sell the property as soon as possible. He is not even a little bit of a jackass at this point, calling the people he is working with "lab rats". At least he has a good relationship with his secretary Gemma, played by Archi Panjabi (later known from The Good Wife), and with best friend Charlie Willis (Tom Hollander). He is also a womanizer type, not having a stable romantic relationship with anyone.

'A Good Year' is a fantastic movie about a person, who finds Life in the middle of his fast pace work life. This movie is not about missed past chances, but more about the life that's ahead of us, and how sometimes we have to take drastical changes.

Critics didn't like the movie, but I don't like critics, they doesn't matter. I enjoyed the movie very much. The setting, the nice flashbacks to Max' childhood and relationship with his uncle, the wine guy Roussel (Didier Bourdon), all add up to a really good movie. I highly recommend to anyone, a 2 hour entertainment, that's sure better than Boredom Woman 1984.

This was my 100th post for #100DaysToOffload. I enjoyed writing this year, despite that I had some personal trouble at the beginning of the year. I hope I can continue to do it in 2021.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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