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Plans for November

November will be a busy month for gaming people, but I am excited for other reasons!


Most people with similar interest to mine probably will spend their time playing games on their PC or console. Next generations of consoles coming, both for Xbox and Playstation. The last time I had access to these two, were the og. Xbox and PS2, and neither were mine. I could never afford consoles, since compare to a computer they can be only used for entertainment.

With that I could also never afford a gaming computer even with decent hardware. My current PC is a refurbished one (just like the one before) and it's the first time I have an Intel Core series CPU, and I have an Nvidia GT 1030, which is roughly similar to the previous GTX 750ti. This was however a significant upgrade to my previous machine, since I could only play Alien:Isolation ["the only game I'd ever upgrade my computer" - (tm)] with 15-25 fps, with everything set to low, no extra bling.

With my current machine though, I can run Isolation with High/Ultra settings, with some effects turned off though (Cromatic Abboration, although I don't like that anyway). It looks amazing! And most importantly I have 50-60 fps constantly, which makes the surviving part more enjoyable! Running with Proton made a significant difference though.

I am not a graphics first guy, I enjoy older games still, and most modern stuff just not up to in quality to older titles. People want Cyberpunk 2077 to be the next Deus Ex, but I doubt an open world RPG is the answer.

So the November crazyness of new consoles and new games, like Cyberpunk 2077, new Assassin's Creed, and other shit doesn't really affect me. I will watch some of the stuff, but mostly I will be…


I have to say that I wasn't exciting for a month coming for a long time! Since the beginning of October, when I decided to throw my hat into Nanowrimo and start to write!

My preparation is coming along really well, and I also prepare with better sleep, and I want to get into the habit of start writing in the morning, this is why I write this post in the morning too. Probably should have started sooner though, but even this 4-5 days can make a difference, hopefully.

My tool is Emacs, I have my org file setup and ready to go with some nice formatting and stuff. Depend on the first few days I will track my progress too, but my aim is to have fun, and create something that I enjoy being made.

I might not blog too much though in November, ocassionally maybe write something. Probably finish #100DaysToOffload in December.

This was day 87 for #100DaysToOffload.

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